Fraser, Elaine & Mark

Who is Established? Established is a dynamic London model agency. We have over 50 years experience working for leading international agencies. The founders of Established believed it was time for something that combined the best of the rest with a modern twist. The team wanted to blend professionalism and expertise without forgetting what makes an agency great; the models.

"We understand that each model is an individual and therefore needs a unique approach to their career development. We have to look at what is the best decision for the model’s long-term career, and to be able to discuss and explain that decision simply and clearly to the model."

"As a model you should feel that you are able to ask the person who looks after you anything, whether that question relates to a job or something outside the business. Your booker is your agent, the person who will shape your career and guide you on the road to success. We also act as surrogate parents, friends, rental agents and financial advisors."

This approach has proved incredibly successful with Established discoveries working with brands including Burberry, Versace, Tom Ford, Top Shop, Top Man, H&M, Diesel, Saint Laurent and across the full spectrum of editorial publications.

So, to answer the original question, who is Established? Well, we are and so are you!