Anna Cascarina

Anna Cascarina. A 44 year old stylist, content creator, writer and editor. After leaving The London College Of Fashion she went on to become a fashion stylist at various magazines and taught fashion at BTEC and Degree level. After having children she started a children's website and online magazine and has recently started her new IG 'instazine' focusing on mid-size and mid-age women. The Forgotten women. She believes that this age bracket is often overlooked when it comes to brand marketing, even though this is often the age where women have the most disposable income. Her instagram account gives lots of content such as dressing for your body shape, trends, guest posts, inspirational quotes and styling ideas. It started in September 2018 and has grown to over 20k followers in just over 4 months. It has been shared various times by the likes of Erica Davies, Dress Like A Mum, Mother of Daughters and many more. Plus Laura Jane Williams (@superlativelylj) even quoted it as one of her top 3 must follow accounts.

Anna is available for sponsored content, campaigns and guest posts.

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