Bip Ling

Bip Ling is a creative talent and collaborator who has succeeded in a number of areas including Modelling, Musician, Designer, DJ, Artist, Blogger, Influencer and Actress. Having starred in a number of high-end fashion campaigns including Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Calvin Klein and many more, there’s no doubt that Bip knows how to work her magic in front of a camera. A woman of many talents, DJing at D&G events and starring in films alongside star Macaulay Culkin, Bip is the perfect candidate for campaigns and events that lust for a creative spin and stand out approach. Bip has the ability to transition from a sassy, fun public figure whose caricature represents everything pop culture in 2019 stands for to an aspirational artist with a demure aesthetic that pairs perfectly with luxury brands looking for a chic content creator to collaborate with. Bip has a loyal and valuable following who know that she will only work with brands that she truly loves and supports, get in touch for everything quirky & fun, we’re sure Bip’s your creator.

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