Bronte King

Bronte is that girl that every other girl wants to be best friends with, with her warm and outgoing personality she is so welcoming to the tribe of girls who follow her, they trust her content and believe in what she promotes. Her content, both on Instagram and her Youtube channel, focuses on beauty, fashion and travel and has also worked with Under Armour on their recent campaign this year. You will often see Bronte in a cute new outfit, having lunch with friends, visiting some of the most gorgeous islands, or hitting the gym with her sporty family. She has collaborated with the likes of Skinny Dip, Gilly Hicks, THINX, HelloFresh, Wateraid and Sloggi.

Recently since leaving university, Bronte set up a wonderful Facebook group for GALS WHO GRADUATE. A space where girls who have just left university and are uncertain or anxious about their next steps, can come together in the group and give advice and support to each other in a very positive and controlled space.

For all brand collaborations, sponsored travel trips and campaigns, please email Liberty.

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