Elle Edwards

Fitness influencer and young entrepreneur, Elle Edwards, is currently studying Law at University of Liverpool and creating content for well-known brands. Elle started dancing at a young age, focusing on Ballet, Tap & Modern, which lead to her love for general health and fitness which kickstarted her body transformation journey.

Once Elle's social media following grew, she began collaborating with the likes of Myprotein, Gola, PLT, NA-KD fashion, Breyers Delight and Sport FX. Leading on from the continuous love and support from her followers, she decided to release her own full body and booty guide in September 2018, which holds all of her tips and tricks she had learnt throughout her own fitness journey so others could apply this to themselves too. Due to the success of sales, she then released her second workout book, 'The HIIT Handbook', for people focusing on pure fitness for the new year.

Elle has also built a facebook community of strong like-minded women who support one another daily. This is a safe and motivational page which helps everyone progress together. Her YouTube platform has a strong following of near 20k subscribers which allows her to share her passion for fitness, travel and fashion within video content.

She is available for social media collaborations, campaigns and event attendance.