Ianthe Rose

London based Ianthe uses her page to showcase her numerous passions from fashion to yoga to all things vegan, travel and lifestyle – making her page a go to for the best wellbeing and beauty tips. Ianthe’s love for animals has led to her enthusiasm for veganism, which became a way of life for her 4 years ago and fuelled her love to explore brands with a similar ethic, from food to fashion and beauty.

Alongside veganism, Ianthe maintains a healthy lifestyle through yoga, pilates and the gym and has worked with many sportswear brands such as Sweatybetty, Lucozade and Varley. Her love for creating beautiful, elegant and eye-catching content has attracted 79.3k IG followers to her page which continues to grow month on month. She is the perfect influencer for most avenues and a dream to work with with her content consistently making the brands she loves shine.

Ianthe is available for sponsored posts, content creation and brand ambassador roles.

Height 5'11"/180
Bust 32c-d/81
Hips 35/89
Waist 25/63.5
Shoes 5/38
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
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