Jade Pearl

Jade is a sustainable artist/ illustrator and designer, who is also a commercial and fashion model and content creator based in London.

Throughout her modelling career, she has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Footlocker, GHD, Superdry, Ellesse, Boohoo, H&M, Asos Marketplace, Vanquish and many more.

Jade graduated from UAL London, Chelsea College of Arts, with a First Class Honours in BA Textiles Design and since graduating she has developed herself into an ethical and sustainably driven artist, designer and illustrator, that takes influence from around the world such as, the on-going and propagating consumer waste issue.

She aims to educate people in a positive and create way to reduce consumer waste, by juxtaposing recycled materials, with organic natural and botanical elements. As well as taking discarded waste, and turning it into art and fashion accessories, along with garments.

With this messaging, she aims to create content and collaborate with brands in a way that helps encourage the message of environmental issues by adding her own spin on the work she does. Jade also uses colour theory to implement feelings and emotions into her creations. This is to benefit the audience, in order to enhance the connection on what is truly being promoted, and make it more interesting.

"I design and create for the future, the foreseeing of future fashion art and culture. Create with a purpose." - Jade Pearl

#forthefuture #wornnotwasted

Jade is available for content creation, brand campaigns and panel talks.