Max Wallis

Max Wallis is an internationally renowned, award-shortlisted poet who is interested in getting poetry into places it’s not normally seen. His first book Modern Love was nominated for the Polari Prize and he has been described as a “poetry wunderkind” by Curious Arts Festival.

As well as being widely published in both poetry journals and magazines, Max has written for The Guardian, The Independent and ELLE. In 2017 Max had poetry published by Vogue, fronted a talk at the Royal Opera House, produced specially curated art pieces and poetry for two Topman shows, wrote poetry for Burberry and turned the London Underground at Regent’s park gay with poetry.

Max uses Instagram @maxwallis as a platform to speak to his audience directly with poetry and to showcase various collaborations and partnerships that use this as a creative direction.

Max is available for modelling, campaigns and creative briefs.

Chest 92cm / 36"
011 7 550X850
0310 602X850
Bizzbeebox 864X850