From Malaysian descent with a global profile and following, Neelofa is THE social media queen with 5.9 million Instagram followers, 2.3 million Twitter followers and 1.4 million Facebook followers.

As well as leading the way on social, Neelofa is also a successful entrepreneur, actress and TV host. Her own brand Naelofar Hijab is the leading Hijab brand sold in 40 countries globally as demand for making Hijab’s a fashion statement within popular culture continues to rise. Likened to being the Kim Kardashian of South East Asia having appeared in a number of blockbusters, hosted several popular TV shows and produced her own reality show, Neelofa has worldwide appeal and is looking to expand her achievements on a global scale.

In addition to working with a number of brands in ambassador capacity including Swarovski, Lancome Johnson & Johnson and Avon, Neelofa is able to offer so much more and regularly contributes as a speaker at forums and talks most notably at the 2017 Forbes Asia Summit and 2017 UNDP-MISK in New York.

Neelfa’s Instagram account @neelofa receives engagement of between 50,000-90,000k per post making her the go-to for any brand looking to replicate her success in the UK and globally.

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