Rowan Young

Makeup guru and influencer Rowan Young is Bristol born and bred where he found social media to be his outlet and a way to truly express who he is. He took to Instagram to show the world what he could do with makeup and quickly gained an army of loyal followers, now boasting an impressive 278K on Instagram alone. Rowan’s makeup is gorgeous an extravagant, just like himself, and his favourite signature looks are those filled with colours and aim to stand out, which he undoubtedly does. This self taught MUA realised that what his followers loved was the process behind creating the finished look with step by steps showcasing all the tips and tricks in achieving the final creation and so focuses content on creating makeup tutorial videos – something he started doing at the age of 12 and continued growing since.

Rowan has worked with a number of established brands such as Glam Glow, Marc Jacobs Beauty, I Heart Revolution and hosted on the panel at Drag World Incredible. His journey is just starting and Rowan is excited to work with more brands that he loves!

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